Final exams are held during the Official Examination Periods in December and April, except in the Faculties of Medicine and Dentistry. Exam scheduling and conflict resolution is dealt with by the Exams Office, except in the case of Faculty-administered exams.

Academic exam conflicts exist where a student has:

  • Two exams at the same time;
  • Three consecutive exams in one day;
  • Three consecutive exams in 24 hours;
  • Four exams in two days; or
  • Five exams in three days.

Religious conflicts exist where an exam interferes with a religious holy day or observance. More information on recognizing exam conflicts can be found here.

Students who are experiencing conflicts should submit a Final Exam Conflict Form within four (4) weeks of the start of the exam period. If you require guidance or are facing difficulties in addressing a conflict, contact the Exams Office directly.