Current Projects

Code of Student Conduct Review

The SSMU VP University Affairs is currently on the Working Group tasked with reviewing the Code of Student Conduct. The intention is to clarify policy procedures, implement a new framework for the University Context, better link the policy to the Policy Against Sexual Violence, as well as incorporate feedback from the McGill Community.

Open Educational Resources (OERs)

According to the SSMU report on Open Education Resources, over the last decade textbook prices have increased by 88%, which is four times the inflation rate, and markedly higher than the 63% increase in tuition. This reality contributes to the financial inaccessibility of McGill. The SSMU VP University Affairs is creating a working group to explore the topic of Open Educational Resources, which are educational resources with an open licence, in order to explore and encourage the usage of accessible learning materials.

Student Advocacy Toolkit

The UAC will also be developing an accessible toolkit of resources to facilitate student advocacy-at-large. This will include information on university governance structures, background research, policy writing, and more. The final product will be housed on the University Affairs website.