Midterm Conflicts

Midterms are defined by McGill as “In-Term Examinations,” or exams scheduled outside of the Official Examination Periods in December and April, but also outside of regular Course hours. Under McGill policy, exams held during regularly scheduled class time do not technically count as “Midterms” (University Student Assessment Policy, 7.1).

As a result, “Midterm conflicts” exist when two in-term Examinations are scheduled at the same time outside of class, or an in-term Examination is scheduled outside of class at the same time as a different class. In these circumstances, students are permitted to write a Deferred Examination(s). However, the instructors of each class should consult in order to mutually determine who shall offer the make-up examination. If a mutual decision is not possible, the regulations on exam conflicts from the student’s home Faculty will apply (7.1.5).

If you are encountering difficulty in addressing a midterm conflict or requesting a deferred examination, find out who to contact.