McGill Policies

University Student Assessment Policy / Politique de l’Université relative à l’évaluation des étudiants

  • Expands on key assessment provisions from various other documents
  • Starting point for issues related to syllabi, exams, re-grading, accommodations and more
  • These university-wide regulations may be dependent on Faculty- and Department-specific procedures

Charter of Students’ Rights / Charte des droits de l’étudiants (Version Française  pas disponible)

  • Outlines the protections that you are guaranteed as a student of the University.
  • This includes:
    • Rights around assessment and learning environments
    • Grievances and access to personal information

Policy Concerning the Rights of Students with Disabilities / Politique visant les droits des étudiants handicapés 

  • Lays out the procedures for accommodating students with disabilities.
  • This includes:
    • Application
    • Admission
    • Financial aid
    • Support services
    • Academic modifications
    • Barrier-free learning environments

Students wishing to make use of this policy should consult the Office for Students with Disabilities and consider meeting with a myAccess advisor regarding their specific learning needs.

Policy for the Accommodation of Religious Holy Days / Politique visant l’accommodement des fêtes religieuses

  • The University’s policy on accommodating students who are unable to meet certain academic obligations due to religious observances

Regulation on Conflict of Interest / Réglement sur les Conflits d’intérêts 

  • Identifies potential conflicts of interest and how to address them in the University setting
  • Conflicts may exist whenever a member of the University community is in a position to influence activities in ways that could lead to personal gain or an improper advantage for themselves or others
  • May be referenced in the context of inappropriate relationships/abuses of power between professors and students

Students can learn more about recognizing conflicts of interest here.

Code of Student Grievance Procedures

  • Outlines the procedures for filing a formal grievance with the University
  • Students wishing to file a grievance should consult Student Advocacy at the Legal Information Clinic at McGill

Code of Student Conduct & Disciplinary Procedures

  • Outlines actionable offences by students and the jurisdiction of the University to pursue disciplinary measures.
  • Includes academic allegations such as plagiarism, cheating and non-academic situations
  • Students who find themselves subject to potential disciplinary action should consult Student Advocacy at the Legal Information Clinic

Policy on the Ombudsperson for Students / Ombudsman des étudiants et étudiantes

  • Outlines the mandate and functions of this resource
  • The Office of the Ombudsperson offers confidential and informal dispute resolution services
  • Can be accessed for issues around academic rights, supervision, interpersonal conflicts, and more
  • They cannot initiate formal grievance procedures or take action against the university

For other McGill policies, please see the Secretariat website.