Course Syllabi

Course syllabi are documents outlining the topics and assessments of a particular course. While most outlines have a fairly standard structure, McGill actually has few policies regulating what must be included. Click on the menu links below to learn more!


Course syllabi, or “Course Outlines” describe the means of evaluation to be used in a course, and must include: access information for the instructor (office hours, location & phone number) topics to be addressed in the course required texts, recommended texts & any additional materials number, nature and forms of assessment weighting of each assessment any course pre-requisites … Continue reading Content

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Contrary to popular belief, there are no regulations regarding changes to course syllabi at McGill. In fact, the University retains the power to change evaluation schemes in the event of any “extraordinary circumstances” outside of their control. — University Student Assessment Policy, Article 3.2.3 However, if you feel that changes have been made to a syllabus or … Continue reading Changes

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Instructors are required to distribute a course syllabus during the first week of class. Currently, there are no additional requirements that this be distributed in either electronic or print form (University Student Assessment Policy, Article 3.2.1). If you are encountering difficulty with receiving a course syllabus in a timely fashion or in an accessible format, … Continue reading Distribution

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