Students have the right to request accommodation for situations including but not limited to personal disability, religious commitment, illness, and family tragedy (University Student Assessment Policy, 3.4). Typically, instructors require supporting documentation from the student in order to provide accommodation, in accordance with any Faculty regulations.

Speak to your professor as soon as a conflict arises. The professor may request valid documentation as proof. Possible accommodation could include mid-term deferrals or dropping the midterm in favor of a higher weighted final.

Even when instructors have restrictions or penalties around late assignments, some are understanding of extenuating circumstances. It may be worth explaining your situation to the professor directly and working together to negotiate deadlines. Some may ask for supporting documentation.

The Office for Students with Disabilities or the Office of the Dean of Students can act as a liaison between you and your instructor.

All undergraduate students can apply for an exam deferral through Minerva by going to Student Menu > Student Record Menu > Deferred Exam Application.
Arts and Science students can bring supporting documentation to Service Point. All other students should go to their respective Student Affairs Office.
Students in Arts, Science, Engineering, Law, Management, Education, Agriculture + Environmental Science requesting a deferral for the first time will not be required to provide supporting documentation (eg. medical note) but will still be required to present a reason.

p>For information about the location of your Student Affairs Office, where to seek academic advising, and important deadlines, Click Here!