Students have the right to request accommodation for situations including but not limited to personal disability, religious commitment, illness, and family tragedy (University Student Assessment Policy, 3.4). Typically, instructors require supporting documentation from the student in order to provide accommodation, in accordance with any Faculty regulations.

    What if I can't write a midterm?

    Speak to your professor as soon as a conflict arises. The professor may request valid documentation as proof. Possible accommodation could include mid-term deferrals or dropping the midterm in favor of a higher weighted final.

    What if I need an extension?

    Even when instructors have restrictions or penalties around late assignments, some are understanding of extenuating circumstances. It may be worth explaining your situation to the professor directly and working together to negotiate deadlines. Some may ask for supporting documentation. The Office for Students with Disabilities can act as a liaison between you and your instructor.

    How can I defer an exam?

    All undergraduate students can apply for an exam deferral through Minerva by going to Student Menu > Student Record Menu>Deferred Exam Application.

    Arts and Science students can bring supporting documentation to Service Point. All other students should go to their respective Student Affairs Office.

    Students in Arts, Science, Engineering, Law, Management, Education, Agriculture + Environmental Science requesting a deferral for the first time will be granted one without a medical note.

    For information about the location of your Student Affairs Office, where to seek academic advising, and important deadlines, Click Here!

    What if I fail a class?

    If you receive a failing grade in a course but are still in good academic standing, you may be eligible to write a supplemental exam which will count for a large part of your final grade.

    For more information about supplemental exams Click Here!

    What if I need things like a quieter space or more time to write exams?

    The Office for Students with Disabilities can arrange services like alternate exam rooms and longer exam times.

    To book your first appointment with an Access Advisor call 514-398-6009. For more information about booking an appointment, Click Here!

    Where can I get medical documentation?

    McGill Counselling and McGill Student Health Services are student-fee or health insurance covered services on campus that can provide medical notes either during appointments or drop-in hours.

    Medical notes can also be issued by medical personnel at private clinics, CLSC’s, emergency rooms, etc. For information about off-campus clinics and services, Click Here!

    For the medical notes policy Click Here!

    How do I withdraw from a course?

    The latest you can withdraw from a course without seeking special permission is by the late withdrawal deadline, which can be found in the Calendar of Academic Dates.

    After this deadline, permission to withdraw from a course will only be granted under exceptional circumstances (e.g. family tragedy, medical emergency). You must submit an online form explaining your situation to the Internship & Student Affairs Office. To access the online form and the Late Course Withdrawal Policy Click Here!

    How do I withdraw from University?

    You can find the deadline for university withdrawal with refund and withdrawal without refund here!

    Students in the Faculties of Arts and Science must make their request at Service Point, while students in all other Faculties must contact their Student Affairs Office.

    To return to University, you must submit an application for readmission using Minerva’s Faculty Transfer/Readmission Menu. This application must be submitted by the deadline for your Faculty, which can be found here!

    For more information about University withdrawal, Click Here!

    Can I get a failing grade removed from my transcript?

    In exceptional circumstances, you can e-flag a course on your transcript – this means that it is excluded from your completed credits and GPA- by speaking with your faculty advisor.

    Contact your advisor for more information!

    How can I use the Office for Students With Disabilities?

    Beyond just being a source for documentation, the Office for Students with Disabilities can also act as a liaison between you and your instructor, helping you negotiate things like deadlines and absences. The OSD can also help you access certain resources such as note-takers and evaluation accommodations like extended time. If you are someone with a permanent or temporary disability (physical, learning, or mental health) call 514-398-6009 to book your first appointment with an Access Advisor! For more information, Click Here!

    What if I have a religious conflict?

    Students cannot be penalized if they cannot write exams or other evaluations due to religious conflicts.

    Students who cannot meet academic obligations because of religious conflicts are responsible for informing the instructor at least two weeks before each conflict. If the instructor and student are not able to agree on suitable accommodations, the matter will be referred to the faculty’s Associate dean who will have the final decision.

    For the policy on holy days Click Here!

    How can I request accommodation if I have a dependant like a child or elderly parent?

    Students may seek accommodation for care-taking responsibilities if it is not possible to make alternate arrangements before the time of the academic obligation.

    Students need to notify instructors and the relevant Student Affairs Office as soon as possible prior to an academic obligation that cannot be completed. In cases of emergencies, students must inform the instructor and relevant Student Affairs Office no later than 48 hours after a missed academic obligation.The student will have to provide any documentation that is requested by the University.

    After these steps, the instructor and student will try to identify suitable accommodations which may include rescheduling, alternative method of evaluation, and arranging a note taker. Any disputes can be referred to the Associate Dean of Student Affairs who will make the final decision about what kind of accommodations to pursue.

    Additional services on campus for student parents include the SSMU Daycare, McGill Day Care Centre, and Family Resources Coordinator

    For the full policy Click Here!

    How can I request accommodation in the case of a pregnancy?

    To request accommodation, pregnant students need to inform their relevant Student Affairs Office by submitting supporting medical documentation. Students will then meet with the Undergraduate Program Director and/or the Associate Dean of Student Affairs to work out a plan for the duration of their pregnancy. Any accommodations will be confirmed in writing and filed with the Associate Dean.

    For the full policy Click Here!

    For more information about contacting the Dean or Departmental Chair in the case of a conflict check out the Addressing Violations section of the website!

Students facing chronic or recurring barriers to their learning should consult the Office for Students with Disabilities (OSD).

If you have been denied accommodation or supporting documentation, or require assistance in navigating the accommodation process, find out who to contact.