Course syllabi, or “Course Outlines” describe how students will be evaluated in each course. They must include:

  • access information for the instructor (office hours, location & phone number)
  • topics to be addressed in the course
  • required texts, recommended texts & any additional materials
  • number, nature and forms of assessment (for example, if you have a midterm, final exam, and/or paper)
  • weighting of each assessment
  • any course pre-requisites
  • the University’s academic integrity policy
  • the right to submit written work in English or French
  • penalties for assignments submitted late

— University Student Assessment Policy, 3.2.1, 6.1.6 & Charter of Student Rights, 21

Most professors include additional information such as a schedule of lectures and readings. Some may also include a link to the University Student Assessment Policy or information on student wellbeing and support resources on campus. McGill Teaching and Learning Services (TLS) provides a Course Outline Guide for new instructors.

If you suspect that a course outline contains incorrect or lacking information, find out who to contact.