Students registering for courses during the Add/Drop period shall not be penalized for missed Assessments which were due during the course change period, including for class attendance. (University Student Assessment Policy, 3.1.5). For full-year courses, only the September Add/Drop period applies. The Add/Drop period for each term can be found here. 

Labs, tutorials, conferences, and other assessments scheduled outside of lecture time should be scheduled by the end of the Add-Drop period (3.2.4).

Exams cannot be scheduled during the last 14 calendar days of a course. However, the following assessments are allowed:

  • Regular Assessments worth less than 10% of your grade (for example, quizzes, or reading responses)
  • An oral examination in a language class
  • Assessments worth more than 10% of your grade that are not exams (e.g. a paper) (7.1.2)

Students should receive “sufficient” time to complete written assessment before the Final Exam period (4.1.1).

If you have been penalized for an Assessment during the Add/Drop period or believe that a scheduled Assessment is in violation of university policies, find out who to contact.