About Us

The SSMU “Know Your Rights” campaign is an initiative of the SSMU Students Rights Researcher and Advocacy Commissioner (SRRAC). They are focused on outreach to inform students of their academic rights alongside efforts to improve existing McGill policies. In collaboration with the SSMU VP University Affairs and the student Senate Caucus, they aim to help individual students address their own issues in order to foster a culture of collective advocacy across campus.

Current Projects

Code of Student Conduct Review The SSMU VP University Affairs is currently on the Working Group tasked with reviewing the Code of Student Conduct. The intention is to clarify policy procedures, implement a new framework for the University Context, better link the policy to the Policy Against Sexual Violence, as well as incorporate feedback from the McGill … Continue reading Current Projects

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Get Involved

Passionate about student rights at McGill? There are lots of ways to get involved: Like the SSMU University Affairs Facebook Page Contact your student association about improving program assessment policies Volunteer for the September or January Student Rights campaigns by filling out the form below Fill out my online form. You can also email studentrights@ssmu.mcgill.ca to learn more!

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